Round 2 Results

Here are the Round 2 results for Monday, November 20:

 White  Results  Black
 Mercer Island (4.0)  0 – 5 Newport A (3.5)
 Interlake A (3.0)  2.5 – 2.5 Skyline (2.5)
Tesla STEM (4.0)  0 – 5  Newport B (1.0)
Bellevue (2.5)  2 – 3 Interlake B (1.0)
 Redmond (1.5) 2 – 3  Inglemoor (2.0)

KingCo Crosstable - Week 2

Scans of Match Record Forms coming tomorrow.


Round 2 Pairings

Here are the Round 2 pairings for Monday, November 20:

 White  Black
 Mercer Island (4.0) Newport A (3.5)
 Interlake A (3.0) Skyline (2.5)
Tesla STEM (4.0)  Newport B (1.0)
Bellevue (2.5) Interlake B (1.0)
 Redmond (1.5)  Inglemoor (2.0)


KingCo Results, Round 1

Post Update (11/18):  Crosstable added.

Here are the results from Round 1.

 White  Results  Black
 Newport A  3.5 – 1.5 Redmond
 Inglemoor  2 – 3 Interlake A
Skyline  2.5 – 2.5  Bellevue
Interlake B  1 – 4 Tesla STEM
 Newport B  1 – 4  Mercer Island


A note about crosstables. A round-robin crosstable is often not formatted in seeding order or in placement order. Instead, the teams are randomly seeded into position. This is because the table is generated with five specific spots in the table having five whites and four blacks: if this went to the highest-rated teams, this would confer an advantage. Using the teams that were already paired as white in Round 1, numbers were originally assigned based on team ratings, and with a random number generator, they were assigned to the positions in the Round-Robin table that had White in round 1. The other teams were assigned to numbers to make our Round 1 fit the round 1 in the tables. If you have additional questions, please contact one of the league directors.

KingCo Round 1 Standings

Match Records Follow Below:



Team Ratings



KingCo Team Ratings
 Newport A  1990
 Interlake A  1938
 Skyline  1796
 Tesla STEM  1711
 Newport B  1597
 Redmond  1584
 Inglemoor  1578
 Bellevue  1555
 Interlake B  1548
Mercer Island  1459

Welcome to the 2017-2018 season!

The following is the welcome e-mail from Michael O’Byrne, who organizes the registrations for the league:

Hello chess people!

I attached the KingCo Chess registration to this email.  Our first match will be on Monday 13 November at Interlake and to make your school paperwork easy, we will have the first three matches at Interlake.  Please get this back to me by Friday 27 October so that we have time to organize the league format.  The form should be “saved as” with your school name and student information should be typed in so that we can easily transfer it to our database.

Besides obviously having the Coach/Advisor/Adult in charge information, we ask that you supply the ASB/AD/Activities contact at your school as occasionally I need to verify that the students actually have permission to play.  Additionally, providing the Captain or other organizing student information lets the students receive emails like this one.  Having a good student run the club takes the burden off of you.

Finally, we would like as many schools to participate if possible.  To run one team you probably need 7 players to commit; absences and conflicts happen.  If you are considering 2 teams then you need to make sure that you have around 15 players committed to playing every Monday.  The KingCo leadership team accepts that schools that struggle to form 1 team and participate have to sometimes forfeit a board, but schools that commit to 2 teams should be able to fill every board each week.  Schools that forfeited B team boards last year may not be allowed to register a 2nd team this year.  Please be the adult that prevents the students from overcommitting, and email me if you need some guidance.



Michael O’Byrne

Round 5

Results are unofficial.  Three letter codes for the winning team on each board are used; these are the official team WHSCA codes.  A key for the team codes is below the table.  When all five games in a match are complete, the result will be bolded.

Round 5 Results
Table # White Start Score Now B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 Black Start Score Now
 1 RED  17.5 21.0 RED RED DRAW INT RED INT-A 16.5  18.0
 2 LKH-A 16.5 20.5 DRAW LKH DRAW LKH LKH GAR-A 15.0 16.0
 3 NPR 14.5 18.5 DRAW NPR DRAW NPR NPR  INT-B 12.0  13.0
4 LKH-B  12.0  12.5 BLL BLL DRAW BLL  BLL BLL 11.0 15.5
5 MCR 11.0 15.0 MCR  MCR MCR DRAW DRAW LAT 10.5 11.5
 6 INL 10.0 15.0  INL INL INL INL INL SHM 10.0 10.0
 7 SPR 10.0 14.5  SPR  SPR  SPR DRAW SPR FER 9.5 10.0
8 KAM 8.5 11.0 DRAW  EDW  KAM EDW KAM EDW 8.5 11.0
9 LYE-A 8.5 11.5  LYE  LYE OTH OTH LYE  OTH 8.5 10.5
10 GAR-B 8.5 11.5 GAR  GAR  GAR SQU  SQU SQU 7.5  9.5
11 MRD 7.5  8.5  BAI BAI BAI  BAI  MRD BAI 7.0 11.0
12 MRR 4.5  7.0 DRAW  MRR MRR  FRA  FRA FRA-A 7.0  9.5
13 LYE-B 2.5  5.0?  ODE DRAW  ODE  LYE?*  LYE ODE 5.0  7.5
    *Result unclear from results posting.
  1. Redmond A – Interlake A
  2. Lakeside A – Garfield A
  3. Newport – Interlake B
  4. Lakeside B – Bellevue
  5. Mercer Island – Lacenter
  6. Inglemoor – Sehom
  7. Seattle Prep – Ferndale
  8. Kamiak – Edmonds Woodway
  9. Lynden A – Othello
  10. Garfield B – Squalicum
  11. Meridian – Bainbridge
  12. Mariner – Franklin A
  13. Lynden B – O’Dea