Round 8 Results

NOTE: Scholastic ratings for KingCo play for Rounds 1 – 6 are now available at (follow the link to go straight to the report).

Round 8 results for Monday, February 5.

 White  Results  Black
Newport A  4.5 – 0.5 Bellevue
Inglemoor  2 – 3 Interlake B
Newport B  0 – 5 Interlake A
 Mercer Island  1 – 4  Redmond

Newport A, Interlake A, Inglemoor, Redmond, Bellevue, and Interlake B have all clinched state playoff berths.

R8 Crosstable


You’ll notice that there are only four matchups posted for Round 8.  Yesterday, we received news that Skyline has dropped from the KingCo League for the remainder of this season.  We got confirmation from their advisor this morning.

Yesterday, at the emergency coaches’ meeting, we debated the effect of teams getting potential 5-0 forfeits and how much of an impact that has on the standings of a round-robin event like this one.  A proposal was put forward to remove all Skyline results from the standings — for the purposes of determining team standings and state qualifiers — and that vote carried unanimously by the adults present, 7 – 0.

Here are some other questions you may be wondering about:

Q: Does Skyline dropping from the league impact the number of teams that can qualify for state?

A:  We believe the answer to this question is no, based on examining the WHSCA State Team Rules.  In particular, Section 4, indicates that “[w]hen counting up the number of teams in the league do not count… teams that forfeited half or more of their league match games.”  Skyline had played 30 of the 45 games on the schedule, which means that this should not apply to them.

Based on this, we believe that seven teams still qualify for state.  And since Skyline appeared likely to be one of those seven teams, this will likely give qualification to another team that wouldn’t have otherwise qualified.

Q:  Are the matches against Skyline players still going to be rated?

A:  Yes, and in fact, they already are rated in the ratings update linked to up above.

Q:  Are there any other changes to the league at this point?

A:  Not really.  Any teams that are scheduled to still play Skyline (Interlake B in Round 9) will have a bye instead that adds no points to the standings.  Standings are now sorted by the percentage of points earned (wins counting as 1, draws as 0.5, losses as 0) since the number of games played is different for some teams.

Q: But… but… these changes are unfair to our team, because {insert situation here}…

A:  It’s difficult to find a perfectly fair situation for these particular circumstances.  Do we give teams who get forfeit wins up to five free points?  That can have a huge impact on the standings, and potentially feels unfair to the teams who happened to play Skyline before they left the league.

We recognize that there are some teams who are impacted in terms of game points more than others in this scenario, but we really wanted our standings to be reflective of what happened between teams who completed the full season.

For what it’s worth, the team that is potentially most negatively impacted by this proposal was one of its strongest vocal supporters in our meeting.


Round 8 Pairings

NOTE: Scholastic ratings include an update from High School Individual at Inglemoor.  Ratings for Rounds 1 – 6 were submitted on Saturday and should be reflected in time for matches next week.

Round 8 pairings for Monday, February 5.

 White  Black
Newport A (31.5) Bellevue (20.0)
Inglemoor (25.0) Interlake B (16.5)
Newport B (9.5) Interlake A (25.5)
Tesla STEM (7.0) Skyline (17.5)
 Mercer Island (6.5)  Redmond (16.0)

Newport A, Interlake A, Inglemoor, and Bellevue have all clinched state playoff berths.

Round 6 Results

Here are the Round 6 pairings for Monday, January 8.

 White  Results  Black
 Newport A (21.5)  5 – 0 Skyline (17.5)
Redmond (11.5)  0 – 5 Interlake A (15.5)
Tesla STEM (5.5)  1 – 4 Inglemoor (16.0)
Newport B (7.0) 1.5 – 3.5 Interlake B (13.0)
Mercer Island (5.5)  1 – 4 Bellevue (12.0)

R6 Crosstable
Newport A has clinched a state playoff berth.

Round 5 Results

Here are the Round 5 pairings for Monday, December 11.

 White  Black
 Inglemoor (15.0)  1 – 4 Newport A (17.5)
Skyline (12.5)  5 – 0 Newport B (7.0)
Bellevue (11.0)  1 – 4  Redmond (7.5)
Interlake A (11.5)  4 – 1 Tesla STEM (4.5)
Interlake B (8.5)  4.5 – 0.5 Mercer Island (5.0)


I’ve decided to start only publishing the standings-order crosstable from this point forward:

R5 Crosstable.PNG

For the curious, we don’t have a tiebreak that currently applies to Tesla STEM and Mercer Island: they haven’t yet played head-to-head, and they both have the same number of match points.  So to pick an order, I picked the team who beat the team higher up in the standings.

Match Records coming soon

Round 5 Pairings

Here are the Round 5 pairings for Monday, December 11.

 White  Black
 Inglemoor (15.0) Newport A (17.5)
Skyline (12.5) Newport B (7.0)
Bellevue (11.0)  Redmond (7.5)
Interlake A (11.5) Tesla STEM (4.5)
Interlake B (8.5) Mercer Island (5.0)


Mini-Teams Ratings Posted

For those KingCo players who competed in Mini-Teams, you’ll find the new ratings posted here.

We’re still waiting on getting the first few rounds of KingCo rated.  Don’t worry; they should be coming soon!

Round 4 Results

Here are the results for Round 4 on Monday, December 4.

 White  Result  Black
 Interlake A (8.5)  3 – 2 Bellevue (9.0)
Newport B (7.0) 0 – 5 Inglemoor (10.0)
Tesla STEM (4.5) 0 – 5  Newport A (12.5)
Mercer Island (4.0)  1 – 4 Skyline (8.5)
 Redmond (5.0)  2.5 – 2.5  Interlake B (6.0)


There are now two versions of the crosstable.  The first keeps the teams in the order they were initially placed for generating the pairings.


The second places the teams in current standings order.  While there are no tied teams in the standings this week, tied teams will be ranked in tiebreak order (1st: head-to-head, game points among all teams; 2nd: match points).


Match Results: