Round 5 Pairings

Here are the final round pairings prior to the playoffs! These pairings were revised when we received word that the Tesla STEM team would be unable to play this week at the last minute.

Interlake A (14)Eastside Prep (13)
Newport A (12.5)Eastlake (12)
Interlake B (9)Innovation Lab (7)
Mercer Island (8)Newport B (8.5)
Tesla STEM (13.5)Forfeit – No Show (0 – 5)
Bothell (2.5)BYE (5 – 0)

Round 4 Pairings

Round 4 Pairings are up. Don’t forget to use the updated ratings for board order this week!

Interlake A (11.5)Tesla STEM (11.0)
Eastside Prep (11.0)Newport A (9.5)
Eastlake (8.5)Interlake B (7.5)
Innovation Lab (6.0)Mercer Island (4.0)
Newport B (4.5)Bothell (1.5)

Ratings for Rounds 1 – 3 Posted

Ratings Report

Since JV plays multiple rounds per week, the format for the rating report is as follows:

  • Round 1: Games from Week 1, Monday, November 28
  • Round 2: First games from Week 2 (JV and Varsity), Monday, December 5
  • Round 3: Second games (JV only) from Week 2, Monday, December 5
  • Round 4: First games from Week 3 (JV and Varsity), Monday, December 12
  • Round 5: Second games (JV only) from Week 3, Monday, December 12

Use the new ratings for any board order adjustments for Rounds 4 and 5. Round 4 will be on Monday, January 9.

Round 3 Pairings

Here are the Round 3 Pairings. Round pages are taking me a little longer to update than anticipated. Hoping to update both Round 1 and Round 2 at the end of this week.

Newport A (8.0)Interlake A (8.0)
Tesla STEM (7.0)Interlake B (6.5)
Mercer Island (4.0)Eastside Prep (6.0)
Eastlake (3.5)Newport B (4.5)
Bothell (1.0)Innovation Lab (1.5)

Inclement Weather Policy

We discussed this at the coaches’ meeting, but our policy around Inclement Weather is to cancel matches if any of the following districts or private schools are closed or cancel after-school activities:

Bellevue School District: Interlake and Newport (

Eastside Prep: Eastside Prep (

Lake Washington School District: Eastlake and Tesla STEM (

Mercer Island School District: Mercer Island (

Northshore School District: Bothell and Innovation Lab (

This site may not be the official place to check for closures or cancellations for the various districts and schools, but we will post an announcement here as soon as possible if we become aware that one of the member groups cannot participate.

In the event of a postponement, our first make-up date is Monday, February 27. In the event multiple postponements happen, league coaches will confer to decide on a plan for completing the league schedule.

Round 2 Pairings

Hey, all, here are the pairings for Round 2! Score is in parentheses.

Tesla Stem (5.0)Newport A (5.0)
Interlake B (5.0)Interlake A (4.5)
Eastside Prep (4.0)Eastlake (0.5)
Innovation Lab (0.0)Newport B (1.0)
Bothell (0.0)Mercer Island (0.0)

Team results are up to date on the Round 1 page. Individual game results will go live when time permits (hopefully later today).

Round 1 Pairings

Pairings will be posted on this main page for now.

Round pages will be updated sometime this week after league format is decided at today’s coaches meeting.

Interlake A [1]Eastlake [6]
Mercer Island [7]Tesla STEM [2]
Newport A [3]Innovation [8]
Newport B [9]Newport B [9]
Interlake B [5]Bothell [10]