KingCo Final Standings

Our official league standings:

  1. Interlake A          35.5
  2. Newport              27.5
  3. Redmond            26.5
  4. Skyline                  23.5
  5. Eastlake               18.0
  6. Bellevue              17.0
  7. Woodinville        12.5
  8. Mercer Island    10.5
  9. Interlake B          9.0

The top 6 teams qualify for state, but if one of those 6 teams cannot attend, we can make room for the next KingCo team in line that can attend!  Please let Michael or I know right away if your team will not be able to make it.  Even if your team didn’t qualify, we encourage you to play in the All-Comers for experience and as a potential evener team!

Ratings are up to date.  You can see the rating report including yesterday’s matches and the Skyline – Interlake A make-up match here:

Tournament information about State can be found here:

Register for State Team here:

Check your team’s registration status here:

Good luck, and I’ll see many of you on Friday!

Round 9 Results:

Interlake A5 – 0Mercer Island
Redmond2 – 3Newport
Bellevue3 – 2Woodinville
Skyline3.5 – 1.5Interlake B

Rating Updates, State Registrations, Week 7 and 8 Results, Standings, and Clinching Scenarios!

Ratings Update: This includes all games in KingCo to date with the exception of the Interlake A – Skyline make-up match, which I’ll put into today’s rating report.

State Registration: Is your team going to state? Check here for the tournament announcement. Click here to register your team by Wednesday, February 26, no later than 8 p.m.!

Round 7:

Interlake A3 – 2Redmond
Eastlake1.5 – 3.5 Skyline
Interlake B2 – 3Bellevue
Mercer Island1.5 – 3.5Woodinville

Round 8:

Newport1.5 – 3.5Interlake A
Redmond5 – 0Mercer Island
Eastlake4 – 1Interlake B
Woodinville1 – 4Skyline


Clinching Scenarios:

xy – 1st – Interlake A

Controls finish for: 1st
Possible finishes: 1st
Most likely finish: 1st

Interlake A has clinched the KingCo title and a state playoff berth. They try to finish with an undefeated match record against Mercer Island
x – 2nd – Newport

Controls finish for: 2nd
Possible finishes: 2nd or 3rd
Most likely finish: 2nd

Newport has clinched a state playoff berth. Newport currently has the same number of game points as Redmond, but an extra half match point (Redmond tied Skyline in Round 3, but Newport beat Skyline in Round 5). If the Newport-Redmond match this week is tied, Newport will have the tiebreaker for 2nd place.
3rd – Redmond

Controls finish for: 2nd
Possible finishes: 2nd or 3rd
Most likely finish: 3rd

Redmond has clinched a state playoff berth. Pretty much the same scenario as Newport, except that tied match versus Skyline hurts Redmond a little bit more. They need to beat Newport to get 2nd in the league. However, there’s no risk of Skyline catching them.
4th – Skyline

Controls finish for: 4th
Possible finishes: 4th
Most likely finish: 4th

Skyline has clinched a state playoff berth. Skyline is 5.5 points back of Newport/Redmond in 2nd and 3rd, and 1 point ahead of Eastlake (who finished their schedule). They’re 5 points ahead of Bellevue, but hold the tiebreaker, so they’re mostly playing for experience, pride, and a winning game record this week against Interlake B.
5th – Eastlake

Controls finish for: 6th
Possible finishes: 5th or 6th
Most likely finish: 5th

Eastlake has clinched a state playoff berth. Eastlake has played all their matches, so there’s no points to gain. They just have to hold off a Bellevue team sitting four points back. Bellevue holds the tiebreaker if they beat Woodinville by a 4-1 margin.
6th – Bellevue

Controls finish for: 5th
Possible finishes: 5th – 8th
Most likely finish: 6th

Bellevue currently sits in the driver’s seat for the last state playoff berth, but hasn’t clinched it yet. They play Woodinville this week. They pass Eastlake with 4 or more points. They need at least 1 point against Woodinville to stop Woodinville from passing them, and 1.5 points to guarantee that Mercer Island can’t pass them. Bellevue holds the tiebreaker against both Eastlake (week 5) and Mercer Island (week 2), and can’t end up tied with Woodinville. The most likely finish is based on Bellevue’s five matches this season where the match finished 3-2 (including all three of their wins).
7th – Woodinville

Controls finish for: 6th
Possible finishes: 6th – 9th
Most likely finish: 7th

Woodinville plays Bellevue this week, and trails by 3.5 points. Accordingly, they would need 4.5 points or greater to pass Bellevue to move into that 6th position. They also need to make sure Mercer Island (which also has 10.5 points) doesn’t pass them by. Woodinville does hold the tiebreaker over Mercer Island, thanks to a Week 7 victory.
8th – Mercer Island

Controls finish for: 7th
Possible finishes: 6th – 9th
Most likely finish: 8th

Mercer Island has a tough assignment against the league champions, Interlake A, this week. Perhaps they’ll rest their starters? Mercer Island’s route to state depends on a very particular set of results: they need Woodinville to beat Bellevue by a score of 4 – 1 or 4.5 – 0.5, and then they need to score more than Woodinville did against Interlake A.
9th – Interlake B

Controls finish for: 9th
Possible finishes: 7th – 9th
Most likely finish: 9th

Interlake B is the only team that enters Week 9 and cannot qualify for state. They currently trail both Mercer Island and Woodinville by 3 points. Mercer Island holds the tiebreaker. If Interlake B scores at least 3.5 points more than Mercer Island or Woodinville, they pass those teams in the standings. If they score exactly 3 points more than Woodinville? Well, we don’t have a tiebreaker built for that: they have the head-to-head tied match in Week 3, and they’d have identical match point totals. They’ll need to heavily beat up on a Skyline team for this to come into play.

Matches Cancelled 1/13/2020

Due to the closure of the Lake Washington and Northshore School Districts, KingCo chess matches on Monday, 1/13/2020 have been postponed. We will be utilizing our emergency make-up date on Monday, 2/24/2020 for our final week.

Week 5 Results

[NOTE: 1/13/2020, I realized I never hit publish on this.]

Round 5 Results:

 White Results Black
Interlake A5 – 0Woodinville
Mercer Island3 – 2Interlake B
Newport4 – 1Skyline
Bellevue3 – 2Eastlake

From here on forward, Skyline B withdrew from the league. This changes our format to nine teams, with six qualifying for state. Teams scheduled to play Skyline B will have BYE weeks that do not count for or against teams in the standings. Teams that already played Skyline B will have those matches rated (except for the Skyline A – Skyline B make-up match), but will not have those results count in the standings from this point forward.

Also, from here on forward, Skyline A will be referred to as Skyline.

Individual match results to be featured on the Round 5 page when time permits. Ratings to be submitted when time permits.

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Week 6 Update and Inclement Weather Policy

Round 6 Results:

 White Results Black
Interlake A4 – 1Eastlake
Skyline3 – 2Bellevue
Interlake B0 – 5Newport
Woodinville1 – 4Redmond
Mercer IslandN/ABYE
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1.png

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather matches will be cancelled if:

  • any of our member districts cancels school for the day
  • any of our member districts cancels after school activities for the day
  • in the rare event that a member district has a late start but does not cancel after-school activities, matches are not cancelled. Team advisors should contact league directors as soon as possible if they anticipate transportation being an issue in such circumstances.

This rule applies even if a scheduled match involves two teams scheduled to play that do not have such restrictions at their respective districts.

Our member districts are:

  • Bellevue (Bellevue, Interlake, Newport)
  • Issaquah (Skyline)
  • Lake Washington (Eastlake, Redmond)
  • Mercer Island (Mercer Island)
  • Northshore (Woodinville)

This page will be updated and an e-mail sent to all advisors and/or captains once we have received word of school closure or cancellation of after-school activities of any of our member districts.

Our only scheduled make-up date is on Monday, February 24. In the event of multiple cancellations, league directors will discuss potential remedies.

Week 4 Results

Round 4 Results:

 White  Results  Black
Bellevue 0 – 5 Interlake A
Eastlake 1 – 4 Newport
Skyline A 5 – 0 Mercer Island
Interlake B 0 – 5 Redmond
Skyline B 1.5 – 3.5 Woodinville

We have word that the Round 1 make-up match has been played.  League officials are still verifying that result.

Individual match results on the Round 4 page.

Round 3 Results

Individual match results for Rounds 2 and 3 coming soon; it’s been a chaotic week here.

Round 3 Results:

 White Results Black
Interlake A3.5 – 1.5Skyline B
Woodinville2.5 – 2.5Interlake B
Redmond2.5 – 2.5Skyline A
Mercer Island2 – 2*Eastlake
Newport4 – 1Bellevue

* The result of this match doesn’t sum to 5 points because neither team had a Board 5.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1.png

Individual match results on the Round 3 page.

Week 2 Results

The full results have been delayed; I realized I didn’t have the documents with me to update all the results.

Ratings got submitted on Tuesday for the first two rounds, but given the holiday weekend, I don’t expect new ratings for the start of Round 3.

White Results Black
Newport 3 – 2Woodinville
Bellevue 3 – 2Mercer Island
Eastlake 2 – 3Redmond
Skyline A postponedInterlake A
Interlake Bpostponed Skyline B
It probably doesn’t make sense to talk about which team is in what place when we have so many different numbers of matches played.

Team vs. team results now visible on the Round 2 page.

Week 2 Pairings

Pairings are somewhat tentative as we wait to see if all of our teams are cleared to play in the league today.

If so, the pairings are as follows:

White Results Black
Newport Woodinville
Bellevue Mercer Island
Eastlake Redmond
Skyline A Interlake A
Interlake B Skyline B

Week 1 Results

Hi, all!

Welcome back for another season! Round Robin pages are updated with pairings for each week for the remainder of the season.

Round 1 Results:

White Results Black
Interlake B0 – 5Interlake A
Skyline B0F – 0F*Skyline A
Woodinville0.5 – 4.5Eastlake
Redmond3 – 2Bellevue
Mercer Island2 – 3Newport

*This match has been recorded as a double-forfeit until it can be made up to the satisfaction of the league directors.

For those wondering the seeding order, it was based on three factors:
(1) Having B teams play A teams on week 1.
(2) Running it “Swiss” style for the remaining teams.
(3) The coaches of the five teams that played Black selected their number on the round robin table. Since Bellevue played Black, I picked last.

We’re still figuring if Oliver and Walt played twice.