KingCo Pairings: Round 3

Round 3 pairings are here!  Matches are on December 2 at Mercer Island High School.

KingCo Round 3 Pairings
White Black
Mercer Island (8.0, seeded 3rd) Interlake A (9.0, seeded 1st)
Newport (8.0, seeded 2nd) Interlake B (7.0, seeded 6th)
Interlake C (6.0, seeded 10th) Eastlake A (6.0, seeded 5th)
Issaquah (4.5, seeded 7th) Overlake A (4.0, seeded 4th)
Overlake B (3.0, seeded 11th) Bellevue (2.5, seeded 8th)
Eastlake B (0.0, seeded 9th) Bothell (2.0, seeded 12th)

2 thoughts on “KingCo Pairings: Round 3

    • All twelve teams will take place in some kind of KingCo Playoff. Four teams will move to the Round Robin that decides the champion. All four of these will play at state. The other eight teams will move to a Bracket, where the top three teams in the bracket will qualify for state. We’re finalizing the fine print of all of this (for instance, only two B-teams may qualify for state and no C-teams).

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