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Another dominant year for KingCo at state!

Six of our eight KingCo teams ended up earning trophies at state this year!

They were led by the State Champion Interlake A team, who earned a whopping 22.0/25, and clubbed runner-up Lakeside A 4.5-0.5 in their third-round matchup!

While not earning a trophy,¬†Interlake B scored what would have been in third place if it weren’t for the rule about B teams earning trophies.

Here are the standings for the top 15 schools, where the top 12 earned trophies (in tiebreak order where applicable):

1st: Interlake, 22.0
2nd: Lakeside, 18.5
3rd: Garfield, 16.5
4th: Redmond, 16.0
5th: Overlake, 14.5
6th: Sehome, 14.5
7th: Seattle Prep, 14.0
8th: ICS, 14.0
9th: Ferndale, 13.5
10th: Eastlake, 13.5
11th: Ingraham, 13.0
12th: Bellevue, 13.0
13th: Issaquah, 13.0
14th: Snohomish, 13.0
15th: LaCenter, 13.0

Congratulations to all the KingCo teams, and we’ll see you again next season!