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Play Begins for 2nd Set of Pools

This Monday, Nov. 30, we meet at Inglemoor High School’s cafeteria to begin play for our 2nd set of round-robin pools. Here are the pairings for this week:

Victory Road A:
Redmond A (White) vs.Inglemoor
Newport A (White) vs.Bellevue

Victory Road B:
Skyline (White) vs.Overlake
Interlake B (White) vs.Interlake A

Repechage A:
ICS (White) vs.Issaquah
Newport B (White) vs.Redmond B

Repechage B:
Eastlake (White) vs.Interlake C
Mercer Island (White) vs.Bothell

…and to help you plan ahead, here are the remaining pairings for this set of pools. Note that if you need to reschedule a match, play must be completed before Winter break, so that we can nail down pairings for our final/championship rounds that begin Jan 4th.

Monday, Dec 7 (@ Mercer Island)

Redmond A (White) vs.Newport A
Inglemoor (White) vs.Bellevue
Interlake A (White) vs.Skyline
Overlake (White) vs.Interlake B
ICS (White) vs.Redmond B
Issaquah (White) vs.Newport B
Eastlake (White) vs.Mercer Island
Interlake C (White) vs.Bothell

Monday, Dec 14 (@ Bothell High)

Inglemoor (White) vs.Newport A
Bellevue (White) vs.Redmond A
Interlake A (White) vs.Overlake
Skyline (White) vs.Interlake B
Redmond B (White) vs.Issaquah
Newport B (White) vs.ICS
Interlake C (White) vs.Mercer Island
Bothell (White) vs.Eastlake



Dates & Locations for remaining matches

Sorry for not posting these earlier; here are the dates and locations for all of our matches through the end of the 2015-16 season.

Date Location
30-Nov Inglemoor
7-Dec Mercer Island
14-Dec Bothell
4-Jan Overlake
11-Jan Redmond
1-Feb Interlake
(was Bellevue)

Round Robin #1 Complete – summary, and road map going forward

Hey all, sorry for the infrequent updates. With our inveterate blog-master, tournament director, all-round go-to guy Patrick on the sidelines for now, the rest of us are doing our best to keep things running smoothly. But, as you can see, posting to the website doesn’t make it to the top of our to-do list every week…. But enough of that, here’s where things stand at the end of round-robin play in our initial pools:

Points Team Points Team
13.5 Redmond A 13.5 Interlake A
10.5 Interlake B 9 Inglemoor
6 ICS 7 Mercer Island
0 Bothell 0.5 Issaquah
Points Team Points Team
14.5 Newport A 11 Skyline
10 Overlake 9.5 Bellevue
4.5 Redmond B 8.5 Eastlake
1 Interlake C 1 Newport B

These 8 are still in the running to become this year’s Kingco Champion:
Redmond A, Interlake A, Newport A, Skyline, Interlake B, Inglemoor, Bellevue, and Overlake.

Don’t count ’em out yet, they can still qualify for State:
Redmond B, Eastlake, Mercer Island, ICS, Newport B, Issaquah, and Bothell.

Can still place as high as 5th in league (but can’t qualify for State due to WHSCA rules on multiple teams from a school): Interlake C.

Up Next… (11/30, 12/7, and 12/14)

  • The top 8 teams play in pools of 4, competing to be one of the top two from each pool who will qualify for the final 4-team Kingco championship pool in January! The 4 teams that don’t qualify for that pool will compete for 5th – 12th in January – see below.
  • The bottom 8 also play in pools of 4, working to be one of the top two from each pool who will join the non-championship teams from above to compete in January for 5th – 12th in the league. Note that the teams that finish 1st through 9th* in Kingco will be eligible to compete at State, Feb 26-27 at Issaquah HS. (*Interlake C cannot qualify for State). The other 4 teams from the bottom 8 will compete in January to determine 13th – 16th in Kingco.

Round 1 Pairings. 2015-16 League Play Starts Today!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Interlake High School’s library, today (Monday, 11/9) after school. Remember, teams should arrive at Interlake between 3:05 and 3:30. To get to the library: If you come in the main entrance, take a left up the stairs.  If you come in the back entrance, go up the stairs and then all the down the hall.

Make sure to bring chess sets, clocks, notation sheets and pens/pencils.  Every school should have at least 5 clocks.

Round 1 always takes a bit of extra time to organize, but we plan to start every round at no later than 3:45.  We are playing game 90 with 5 second delay. We encourage you to bring extra players (no limit on numbers) to compete in the JV section.  These players will play game 45 and hopefully get in 2 games per round.  We will hand-pair these games on site.

Here are today’s pairings: (sorry – not in a nice table – substitute editor on the job…)

[1] Redmond A (White) vs. [5] Interlake B
[16] Bothell (White) vs. [12] ICS
[6] Inglemoor (White) vs. [2] Interlake A
[11] Mercer Island (White) vs. [15] Issaquah
[3] Newport A (White) vs. [7] Redmond B
[14] Interlake C (White) vs. [10] Overlake
[8] Bellevue (White) vs. [4] Skyline
[9] Eastlake (White) vs. [13] Newport B

Overall format for the season will be decided at today’s coaches’ meeting; today’s pairings are compatible with all options currently under consideration. See you there!