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Final Rounds – Week 2

Next round of Kingco play is this Monday, Jan 11th, at Redmond High School (17272 N.E. 104th St., Redmond, WA 98052). Matches as follows:

Top Cut
Interlake A (White) vs.Skyline
Bellevue (White) vs.Redmond A

5th – 12th: 1-0 teams (all still in the running to qualify for State)
Newport A (White) vs.Eastlake
Inglemoor (White) vs.Interlake B

5th – 12th: 0-1 teams (losers of this match will not qualify for State)
Overlake (White) vs.Issaquah
Mercer Island (White) vs.Redmond B

13th – 16th
Newport B (White) vs.Interlake C
Bothell (White) vs.ICS

For any curious about the format for 5th – 12th place, here’s the bracket with last week’s results filled in:



Final Rounds Start Today

…at The Overlake School, with the usual starting time, etc. Today’s matches are as follows:

Redmond A (White) vs.Skyline
Interlake A (White) vs.Bellevue
Newport A (White) vs.Issaquah
Interlake B (White) vs.Mercer Island
Eastlake (White) vs.Overlake
Redmond B (White) vs.Inglemoor
Interlake C (White) vs.Bothell
ICS (White) vs.Newport B

FYI – above matches are based on the brackets and seeding shown below for the final rounds.

Top Bracket (all have already qualified for state):

1 Redmond A
2 Interlake A
3 Skyline
4 Bellevue

5th – 12th place bracket (5th through 9th place will qualify for state):

5 Newport A
6 Interlake B
7 Inglemoor
8 Overlake
9 Eastlake
10 Redmond B
11 Mercer Island
12 Issaquah

13th – 16th place bracket:

13 Newport B
14 Interlake C
15 ICS
16 Bothell