Round 5 Results

Here are the Round 5 pairings for Monday, December 11.

 White  Black
 Inglemoor (15.0)  1 – 4 Newport A (17.5)
Skyline (12.5)  5 – 0 Newport B (7.0)
Bellevue (11.0)  1 – 4  Redmond (7.5)
Interlake A (11.5)  4 – 1 Tesla STEM (4.5)
Interlake B (8.5)  4.5 – 0.5 Mercer Island (5.0)


I’ve decided to start only publishing the standings-order crosstable from this point forward:

R5 Crosstable.PNG

For the curious, we don’t have a tiebreak that currently applies to Tesla STEM and Mercer Island: they haven’t yet played head-to-head, and they both have the same number of match points.  So to pick an order, I picked the team who beat the team higher up in the standings.

Match Records coming soon


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