Another dominant year for KingCo at state!

Six of our eight KingCo teams ended up earning trophies at state this year!

They were led by the State Champion Interlake A team, who earned a whopping 22.0/25, and clubbed runner-up Lakeside A 4.5-0.5 in their third-round matchup!

While not earning a trophy, Interlake B scored what would have been in third place if it weren’t for the rule about B teams earning trophies.

Here are the standings for the top 15 schools, where the top 12 earned trophies (in tiebreak order where applicable):

1st: Interlake, 22.0
2nd: Lakeside, 18.5
3rd: Garfield, 16.5
4th: Redmond, 16.0
5th: Overlake, 14.5
6th: Sehome, 14.5
7th: Seattle Prep, 14.0
8th: ICS, 14.0
9th: Ferndale, 13.5
10th: Eastlake, 13.5
11th: Ingraham, 13.0
12th: Bellevue, 13.0
13th: Issaquah, 13.0
14th: Snohomish, 13.0
15th: LaCenter, 13.0

Congratulations to all the KingCo teams, and we’ll see you again next season!


MiniTeams 2014

MiniTeams 2014 is this Saturday, December 6 at Interlake High School!  Grab three players to form a mini-team today!

This tournament is entirely pre-registered.  Cost is $10 per player ($30 per team).

Don’t have a full team?  You can still sign up individually and get matched up with other individuals that aren’t part of a complete team.

See more about the tournament announcement at

KingCo Final Standings

With the final playoff match between Bellevue and Issaquah being decided yesterday in favor of Bellevue, 3.5 – 1.5, the final ranking of the teams is complete.

1st:  Interlake A (10.0 in the Championship Round Robin)
2nd:  Newport (9.5 in the Championship Round Robin)
3rd:  Eastlake A (6.5 in the Championship Round Robin)
4th:  Overlake A (4.0 in the Championship Round Robin)
5th:  Interlake B (won all three matches in the bracket)
6th:  Mercer Island (lost in Round 3 of the bracket to Interlake B)
7th:  Bellevue (lost in Round 1 of the bracket, then won three elimination matches)
8th:  Issaquah (lost in Round 2 of the bracket, and then against Bellevue in Round 4)
9th:  Interlake C (lost in the first two rounds of the bracket, and again in Round 3)
10th:  Overlake B (lost in the first two rounds of the bracket, and again in Round 3)
11th:   Bothell (lost both of the first two rounds, but won in Round 3)
12th:  Eastlake B (lost all three matches in the bracket)

The top seven teams auto-qualified for state.  I also confirmed that the host school, Issaquah, is entitled to play (although this apparently isn’t automatic).

Information regarding the State Team tournament is located here.  Note the registration fees and board order rules.  We should be getting playoff ratings in ASAP; you should probably hold off on submitting your board order until these ratings are in.

Also note the All-Comers Tournament below the State Team announcement.  What used to be the JV tournament is now open to all individual players and teams that didn’t qualify.  While the tournament is individual, you have an opportunity to get five more games of practice in to improve your teams for next year.

The deadline for registration for both events is Wednesday, February 26, at 8 p.m.  If one of the top teams cannot make it to state, please let the rest of the league know ASAP so that we can notify the next team in line of their qualification status.