KingCo Playoffs

General Rules for the Playoffs:

  • Teams are seeded in order of number of points in the Swiss rounds.
  • In the event that two (or more) teams have an equal number of points, THEN:
    • If one team will qualify for one playoff type and another team will qualify for a different playoff type, ties will be broken using a five-minute blitz playoff.
    • If all teams in the tie will qualify for the same playoff type, ties will be broken by the following criteria:
      • Head-to-head.  If three or more teams are in the tie, a team has to defeat all teams in the tie or lose to all teams in the tie for this to be applicable.
      • Modified Sonneborn-Berger.  For each round, take the score of the opponent (at the end of six rounds) and multiply by the number of points earned against that team.  Sum the results.  Higher score advances


  • If the two teams played in the regular season, the colors will be reversed in the playoffs.
  • If the two teams did not play in the regular season, colors will continue as if teams were still participating in the Swiss, with an attempt to first even out colors and then to alternate where possible.

Round Robin:

  • The top four teams in the Swiss will play in the Round Robin.  These four teams will qualify for state.
  • There will be NO tiebreaks of matches.
  • Total game points for the three matches will determine our KingCo Champion, 2nd place, etc.
  • In the event there is a tie for KingCo Champion, the tie will be broken by a blitz playoff.
  • In the event there is a tie for 2nd or 3rd place, the tie will be broken by head-to-head result if possible.  If the head-to-head result is indecisive, a blitz tiebreak will be played.


  • The teams that placed 5th through 12th in the bracket will play in the bracket, with four teams qualifying for state.  These four teams will have to win a minimum of two of their bracket matches.
  • If a match in the bracket is tied, there will be a blitz tiebreak at the conclusion of the match.
  • In the third round of the bracket, the four teams that each won one match and lost one match will be re-seeded (based on Swiss standing), with the highest-seeded team playing the lowest-seeded team that they have not yet played in the bracket.  The two remaining teams will play.
  • Despite the fact that match wins are what count for advancing, all games in the match will be played until their conclusion, even if the overall match result is decided.