Meeting Locations and Dates

Updated for 2017-2018 Season

Updated on November 14:
* Format changed to TBD.  The coaches voted to make the league round-robin if we have ten teams (as we currently do) and to do a Swiss followed by playoffs if we can add two more teams this week.
* Location changed for all weeks to Interlake HS by a vote of the coaches.

Updated on November 18:
We have heard back and are unable to add the additional teams, so the format will be a round-robin as voted on by the coaches.

All matches start at 4:15 p.m. at Interlake HS, and are conducted at G/75 (game in 75 minutes, per player) with a 5-second delay.


Dates (All Mondays) Event Location
November 13 Round Robin – Round 1 Interlake
November 20 Round Robin – Round 2 Interlake
November 27 Round Robin – Round 3 Interlake
December 4 Round Robin – Round 4 Interlake
December 11 Round Robin – Round 5 Interlake
January 8 Round Robin – Round 6 Interlake
January 22 Round Robin – Round 7 Interlake
February 5 Round Robin – Round 8 Interlake
February 12 Round Robin – Round 9 Interlake
February 26 Emergency Make-up If necessary



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